Kuvala farm

Kuvalan tila

The Haajanen family has been cultivating grain in Kuvala farm in the village of Kukonkorvi in Mäntyharju since the 1880s.During its long history, Kuvala has had cows, pigs, emus, turkeys and chickens.
The grain fed-pigs became the farm's main product in 2000, when in Finland a rare type of farm slaughterhouse was built in Kuvala.
Since 2004, free-range chicken eggs have also been produced in Kuvala.
Kuvala's current owners continue the work of previous generations and produces local  Finnish food.

Kuvala farm produces local meat from a grain-fed pigs through its own farm slaughterhouse and free-range country chicken eggs. Pigs and chickens eat grain grown in ecologically clean fields of their own farm, as well as local store food-waste, thanks to recycling.


In Kuvala, the pigs oink in the middle of their enclosure in loose spaces and in small groups. Animals rarely have quarrels with each other and no animal is given any medicine just in case. The small volume of about 200 animals, and several pens, ensure a stress-free life for every pig.


In Kuvala's free-range chicken barn lives 700 chickens that are separated in two flocks. 10 roosters keep lady-chickens in line. In addition to the large space indoors, there is an outdoor garden where chickens can poke and run and dig pits for bathing.

Pure local food hand made

In addition to the current owner couple Heidi and Janne Haajanen, there are five children - Valtteri, Vilja, Vanni, Venla and Viola- in family as well. They also have two ponies, two dogs and three cats. The traditional family farm is run by the whole family and a few employees.

The values of Kuvala's farm include that the animals live a species-typical life, all consumer products are made by hand, the transport distances of the products are short and operating principles always exceed the requirements of food manufacturing.

The products of Kuvala Farm are local food at its best. The meat of the grain-fed pigs of the Kuvala farm is tender, tasty and rich in good quality protein as well as other important nutrients such as zinc and B vitamins.

All meat products come from their own farm slaughterhouse and are cut and packaged by hand in Kuvala, which ensures the high quality of the products. Meat products are regularly subjected to quality tests, the results of which have always exceeded the requirements set for food manufacturers.
In addition to the diverse product range (strips, steaks, cuts, roasts, minced meat, bacon, smoked products, sausage products) Kuvala is especially known for its delicious Christmas hams. In 2010, meat products were awarded with prestigious Maakunnan parhaat (Best of Regions) label.

The free chicken eggs of Kuvala have a pure taste and a truly yellow yolk. Eggs are always fresh as they are collected daily from the chicken barn. Each egg is cleaned by hand and sorted into egg cells, according to their size so that customers always can have products of the same high quality standards.

Products in stores and direct sales

Because of a fire in chicken house on May 15, 2022 the production of free ranges chicken eggs has been interrupted and eggs won’t be available for now. There area no changes in the local meat production.

Kuvala grain-fed pork are available in S-markets in  Mäntyharju, Hirvensalmi, Pertunmaa, Ristiina and Rantakylä, in  Mikkeli Prisma and Mäntyharju and Mikkeli Rokkala K-Supermarkets, as well as in Pertunmaa K-Market. It is also possible to buy products directly from the farm shop!

Kuvala's rural landscapes can be explored on YouTube in Kuvalan Maatila

There is nothing to hide in the ways of Kuvala farm. We are happy to receive guests by prior arrangement.
If you want to get acquainted with the operations of the farm, please contact us